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17 May 2009 @ 01:18
fanmix: From the Inside - Sam Winchester (4.21- 4.22)  


(*.mp3/*.wma, *.rar, 52.4MB)

Mastodon Welcoming War
Lost in a world - a guided eye to strengthen weakness.
Welcome to war,
and it grows.

Katatonia Will I Arrive
And I think about what you told me when I was about to join in:
Defy only if you have a way to resist the lies.
Decline only if you have the intention of taking this advice.
Apply only if you're not afraid to see your spirit die.
Retreat only if you dare not hear yourself say goodbye...

Slipknot Sulfur
My guilt and my shame always sell me short, always feel the same -
and my face and my soul always wear me thin, always under control.

There's something inside me that feels like breathing in sulfur...

Nightrage Scars of the Past
All my life I've been walking blinded by fears of this frail world you've created.
Am I all that you got?
I reach out my hand but every time you just push me away.

Static-X Monster
In your eyes, see all the lies -
the alibis that I despise.
See the lies, spirit dies.
Your disguise, monster size.

Breathing, killing, seething, willing,
fighting, biting, hating,
waiting for you -
I don't know why I try.

Lamb of God What I've Become
Justify what I've become, sanctify what I've become.
Better lost if this is found, best blinded never to see.
The race to save face, nothing now is what we meant it to be.

It's been so long since any piece of this made any kind of sense.

Mudvayne Pulling the String
Fist for breaking, these eyes for seeing right through, heart for you to trample...
Crumbling pieces of me, an offering to you.
Falling gifts from me to you, left nothing for myself.

I hope that when you find this I've left you with a happy ending...

Thrice Firebreather
Tell me are you free, in word or thought or deed?
And bullets lance the bravest lungs...
Will I fold my hands or hold my tongue?
Or let the flames lick at my feet?

Flames will rise and devour me.

In Flames Condemned
Would you tell me how to break the cycle that I'm in and discover the living?
I don't recognize my soul.

Metallica The Frayed Ends of Sanity
Old habits reappear, fighting the fear of fear.
Frayed ends of sanity...
I hear them calling, hear them calling me.

Pantera I'm Broken
Too young for one's conclusion, the lifestyle won.
Such values you taught your son.

One day we all will die, a cliched fact of life.

Please comment if taking. Feedback appreciated!

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diamond_bones on 7th January 2012 21:35 (UTC)
sorry, but is there any way to get this as a zip file instead of a .rar? it looks amazing :)
eirendel on 9th October 2015 13:00 (UTC)
could this be reloaded?