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02 June 2012 @ 12:50
[fanmix] Irresistible Force: The Avengers (2012)  

Irresistible Force
The Avengers

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Chevelle The Meddler
See now over this, you meddler.
Feed off all the rest, you meddler.
Talking so close, you bring to mind it's no fun to be behaving, but you really lit a fire.
We're all up in arms again...

Felt your left foot, now meet my right.

The Dreaming Fight For You
Is this what you want because it's what you get - you've dug your grave so go and die in it.

After all these years why should I believe you when I've seen you lie a thousand times before?

If you think I'm gonna fight for you, you're wrong.

The Damned Things We've Got a Situation Here
This situation is out of my hands.
I am the crossbearer in the crosshairs - come in and get me.

With all the love in the world, we're still one foot in the grave.

Sixx:AM This Is Gonna Hurt
This is a second coming, this is a call to arms!
Your finest hour won't be wasted.
Hell is what you make, rise against your fate!
Nothing's gonna keep you down even if it's killing you because you know the truth.

Red Line Chemistry Knock Down Drag Out
Back and forth you run, but the pain remains unsung.
You want reaction go on and do what you need.
Yeah, suit yourself - it's all the same to me.
No more distraction go on and do what you need.

This knock down drag out's over and now I can breathe.

Theory of a Deadman Hurricane
I should have known these walls would cave in -
I should have never left my heart there on the line,
'cause when the shit hit the fan all we ever had ended up lost in the fire.
And now nothing's saved, nothing's gained - was it all in vain?

I'm leaving here dead or alive and I know that I'd be willing to feel the pain if it got me to the other side.

Burn Halo I Won't Back Down
Look who's askin' for another round.
When you gonna quit?
Thought you'd owe me when you came back to town, but I've been born again.

You should've killed me faster, you should've watched me die 'cause now I'm back and I'm on the rise.

If I suffer from defeat, know I'll come back stronger but you will suffer me this time.
I won't back down.

Placebo Battle for the Sun
I will battle for the sun and I won't stop until I'm done.
You are getting in the way and I have nothing left to say.

I have stared down the barrel of a gun.

I am the bones you couldn't break.

Dream, brother. My killer. My lover.

Jane's Addiction Irresistible Force
We didn't know that it would blow up with such might -

Sent out shock waves, filled up the outer space.

The irresistible force met the immovable object.

Some may call me a lucky shot - no, but it was not.

Disturbed Run
I've spent a lifetime planning out your destruction, you're never gonna witness another day.
Alone in my mind, planning out your destruction, with no other function.
You really don't know how long I've waited for your destruction.

Ask me why again, nowhere to go this time - revenge will be mine again.
Say goodbye, my friend.

Thrice Blur
My nemesis, I feel it coming for me, and it means to destroy me.

Hieroglyphic, indecipherable, opaque; the meaning escapes me.
Dry and lidless, are my eyes.
Asleep, awake - reading the slurred debris.

And the world keeps moving on, black and white blur into one.

Queen Princes of the Universe
Here we are, born to be kings - we're the princes of the universe.
Here we belong: fighting to survive in a world with the darkest powers.

Fighting and free, got your world in my hand - I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand.


Also available on Tumblr.
♫ Irresistible Force: The Avengers on Spotify.

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barbarianwinter on 2nd June 2012 20:40 (UTC)
Snagging, thanks! looks awesome.
getyourguns on 3rd June 2012 03:10 (UTC)
Thanks :D
flo_nelja on 2nd June 2012 20:46 (UTC)
Seems good, taking!
getyourguns on 3rd June 2012 03:10 (UTC)
novembermond on 3rd June 2012 06:41 (UTC)
oh i like the look of that. *grab*
getyourguns on 5th June 2012 23:40 (UTC)
sphinxofthenile on 3rd June 2012 11:05 (UTC)
Looks great, taking. Thanks!
getyourguns on 5th June 2012 23:41 (UTC)
kanki_yamato on 3rd June 2012 13:41 (UTC)
It looks great!Thank you so much for sharing!♥
getyourguns on 5th June 2012 23:39 (UTC)
Thanks for commentingggg ♥
hobbit_eyes on 3rd June 2012 18:15 (UTC)
Yay! I'll be downloading this :) Thanks!
getyourguns on 5th June 2012 23:41 (UTC)
gestalt1 on 4th June 2012 06:08 (UTC)
Downloading, looks cool.
getyourguns on 5th June 2012 23:38 (UTC)
pho3nix on 5th June 2012 02:44 (UTC)
This mix is so awesome. I've listened to it (twice!) and I love it!
getyourguns on 5th June 2012 23:38 (UTC)
Thanks so much! <333
lilibel on 5th June 2012 20:42 (UTC)
I downloaded it right before leaving for a roadtrip. It was perfect as a soundtrack (especially as the rain was pouring down on the windshield). Thanks :)
getyourguns on 5th June 2012 23:38 (UTC)
Wow, thanks! That means a lot. :D
flying_android on 10th June 2012 16:55 (UTC)
Love this mix. Been listening to it all afternoon; it's excellent for relieving the boredom of tidying and for making one feel like being awesome. Great choice of songs!
getyourguns on 10th June 2012 17:50 (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it~
shewhoflies on 18th February 2013 04:34 (UTC)
I really really want to listen to your fanmix! But mediafire won't let me download albums anymore. Please, please make it available at another site?
reallifedaria on 27th August 2013 14:35 (UTC)
thanks for sharing!