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17 September 2011 @ 18:37
[ Third Star ] Sweet Dream  

a Third Star mix

DOWNLOAD @ MegaUpload (*.mp3/*.zip, ~60MB)

[ 01 ] greg laswell - sweet dream | if i could write out my own dream for the next time that i sleep, you'd be the first one that i see and i the last one that you keep. and the dream would go on and on, while we sway against all things thrown our way.

[ 02 ] iwan rheon - follow me | follow me, i say hold my hand - follow me to this righteous land. set off tomorrow on the road to hell.
you know this morning tastes so sweet, 'cause the ground beneath my feet and the air i breathe. well, maybe that's something we'll never believe.

[ 03 ] the national - sorrow | sorrow found me when i was young. sorrow waited, sorrow won. sorrow that put me on the pills, it's in my honey, it's in my milk. don't leave my hyper heart alone on the water.

[ 04 ] flogging molly - whistles the wind | whistles the wind, blowing my way - sweeping me back, back here to stay. can winners be losers running on the same track? some head for glory, others refresh.
well, it breaks my heart to see you this way - the beauty in life, where's it gone? and somebody told me, you were doing okay. somehow, i guess they were wrong.

[ 05 ] band of horses - st. augustine | we're dancing on the poisoned in their graves, at the end of the night we'd all seen better days. i know you tried, i know you're cursed, i know your best was still your worst.

[ 06 ] biffy clyro - many of horror | you say, "i love you, boy," but i know you lie. i trust you all the same, and i don't know why -
'cause when my back is turned, my bruises shine.
i'll take a bruise; i know you're worth it. when you hit me, hit me hard.

[ 07 ] black rebel motorcyle club - the toll | there was more then a break in the smiles. they rose and slowly they tired. everything's taken its toll; it's a moment we carry alone. with a cause, there's a cure for the soul, but, oh, how it's taken its toll.

[ 08 ] alexi murdoch - shine | you spend your days watching the door. you spend your whole life waiting, but you don't know what for. you have everything you need right here, still you want more. this is how we are fighting time.

[ 09 ] ghostlines - curious causes of calamity | don't let me waste this, don't let me down. i feel exposed and alive in the light of your smile. no, i won't feel a thing.

[ 10 ] mumford & sons - awake my soul | how fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes. i struggle to find any truth in your lies. and now my heart stumbles on things i don't know; this weakness i feel i must finally show.
in these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. and where you invest your love, you invest your life.

[ 11 ] james vincent mcmorrow - follow you down to the red oak tree | follow you down to the red oak tree, as the air moves thick through the hollow reeds. will you wait for me there until someone comes to carry me?
names get carved in the red oak tree - of the ones who stay and the ones who leave. i will wait for you there with these cindered bones, so follow me, follow me down.

PLEASE COMMENT IF TAKING. All feedback is appreciated. Also available on Tumblr.
All photographs used © Copyright 2011 Jamie Stoker http://www.jamiestoker.com/
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edge_of_night on 18th September 2011 01:49 (UTC)
Oh my ggggoooooooosh. the music on here! also, i am DYING to see this movie!
getyourguns on 18th September 2011 01:56 (UTC)
Thanks so much!
It's faaaantastic.
ran_cl on 18th September 2011 02:35 (UTC)
Awesome tracks :D Love the cover art too : )
getyourguns on 18th September 2011 02:42 (UTC)
Thanks! :)
radges on 18th September 2011 03:30 (UTC)
I haven't watched this yet, but I'm going to in a little bit so downloading for later.

It looks beautiful! <3
getyourguns on 20th September 2011 14:08 (UTC)
Thanks so much!
meandthemadman on 18th September 2011 04:45 (UTC)
Gorgeous cover and the tracks sound amazing too! Downloading it now :)
getyourguns on 20th September 2011 14:08 (UTC)
Thanks! Enjoy~
ascendant_angel on 18th September 2011 07:20 (UTC)
My DVD just arrived today to remind me how much I loved this film, I also love music so I'm downloading this. Thank You. Love the art work.
getyourguns on 20th September 2011 14:08 (UTC)
Thanks!! Enjoy!
pat_susana on 18th September 2011 10:40 (UTC)
You did a marvellous work with the graphics ♥ downloading it and rebbloging your post on Tumblr.

Thanks for sharing :)
getyourguns on 20th September 2011 14:09 (UTC)
Aw, thank you so much. :D
__girlonthemoon on 18th September 2011 12:26 (UTC)
Wonderful photos & am in need of some new music, so thankyou!
getyourguns on 20th September 2011 14:09 (UTC)
Thanks! Hope you enjoy!
yarp_narp on 18th September 2011 12:35 (UTC)
great list of songs. love the film. thanks for putting the mix together!
getyourguns on 20th September 2011 14:09 (UTC)
Thank you!
(Deleted comment)
getyourguns on 20th September 2011 14:09 (UTC)
Haha IKR?! I cried so hard. But thanks!
P_Teglman on 20th September 2011 13:51 (UTC)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS FANMIX! Tbh i've been listening to nothing else for the past 2 days ever since i found it. I just cannot seem to stop listening to it. First thing i put on when i get up in the morning and the last thing i hear before i go to bed.

Briliiant brilliant brilliant!! :D
getyourguns on 20th September 2011 14:09 (UTC)
Awwwww thank you so very much!! <3
chiiyo on 21st September 2011 18:42 (UTC)
This is amazingly beautiful and will definitely be stuck on my playlist for at least a week! Thank you for this lovely mix!
aislingdoheanta on 31st October 2011 03:42 (UTC)
This is amazing...
I love this mix...but it won't let me download.

Do you have another link or did you take it down?

Either way...this is a gorgeous mix!
getyourguns on 31st October 2011 03:51 (UTC)
Re: This is amazing...
I don't know why it's not there anymore. :((( I'll have to re-upload it tomorrow. I'll let you know when it's up. :) Thanks!
getyourguns on 3rd November 2011 00:55 (UTC)
Re: This is amazing...
aislingdoheanta on 4th November 2011 02:29 (UTC)
Re: This is amazing...
You're the best! Thanks so much for making this!
miss_emily08 on 28th December 2011 17:44 (UTC)
i have yet to watch the movie (just waiting for some alone time as i've heard it's going to rip my heart out) but this mix looks amazing.
paperlacejane on 15th January 2012 08:44 (UTC)
Oh, this movie. It's like a kick to the chest. This mix looks like it's designed to do similar -- I'm looking foward to downloading it when I get the chance.

Beautiful work with a graphics, too.