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23 June 2010 @ 20:30
[fanmix] Hide Your Feathers: Gabriel  
Hide Your Feathers
Hide Your Feathers
A Gabriel Tribute

DOWNLOAD @ Megaupload (*.rar/*.mp3, 78MB)

They call me Gabriel.

Saybia - Angel
I was led astray and I lost my way.
Guess it took a while for me to see the truth,
I got stuck in minor details so I missed the point.
I got so much more than I bargained for...

Damien Rice - Rootless Tree
What I want from us is empty our minds;
we fake a fuss and fracture the times.
We go blind when we've needed to see,
and it leans on me like a rootless tree.

My own private witness protection. I skipped out of Heaven, had a face transplant, carved out my own little corner of the world.

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. - How Near, How Far
Looking back in time, through verses set in nursery rhyme
at oil painted eyes, of muses left behind.
I swear I know not why
those eyes have always left me dry.
How near, how far, how lost they are.

Alexi Murdoch - Shine
And I'm tired of watching dust collecting on a bowl,
I'm just a spirit trying to be human.

You hold on to yourself;
you're afraid that you might get left behind,
and so you hide your eyes -
you're afraid that the light will make you blind.

Don't you ever presume to know what I am.

Bayside - They Looked Like Strong Hands (acoustic version)
I'm not larger than life, I'm not taller than trees.
Do I mean what I say or is it just this disease where I never go home?
Never telling the truth, how this life eats away...
Not admitting I'm fake.
And I'm questioning whether this whole thing was worth it to die poor and all alone?

Rufus Wainright - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)
Well, baby, I've been here before -
I've seen this room and I've walked this floor,
I used to live alone before I knew you.
I've seen your flag on the marble arch
but love is not a victory march,
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah.

I love my father, my brothers. Love them. But watching them turn on each other? Tear at each others throats? I couldn't bear it. So I left. And now it's happening all over again.

Alpha Rev - Heaven
Steady as she goes, captain.
There's no doubt of your courage.
Careful the waves of sadness;
I would have helped you through it.

You wanted to taste the wind, open the door to oceans.
Now, don't drown.
Do you know what it's like, life without heaven?

Civil Twilight - Soldier
I take the shots, but I have no authority.
I take the shots, but I'm not guilty.
I'm just a soldier in another's war;
it doesn't matter who I'm fighting for.
I don't stop till the end of the show.

My family, they cover me.

I want it to be over! I have to sit back and watch my own brothers kill each other! Heaven, Hell - I don't care who wins! I just want it to be over.

The Classic Crime - The Happy Nihilist
I only take what I need, I am so light on my feet.
I will not stop or concede, I am not driven by greed.
No moral compass for me, it's all just natural feelings.
Existence has no meaning, there's no such thing as happy
but late at night when I sleep, I dream of more than I see.
There's something burning in me, a driving need to be free...

But it still hurts like hell to trust nobody else but me.

Coheed and Cambria - Feathers
Oh, don't you cry, just lie there in the past 'cause if you want it all right now
hide your feathers on the back porch, baby.
He's coming home for you, you've been such a liar.
You're too old to cry your sorry eyes out over the world.

Oh, it was our time, that day in our lives.
If I could do things different, what would I choose?

What you guys call the Apocalypse? I used to call Sunday dinner. That's why there's no stopping this - because this isn't about a war; it's about two brothers that loved each other, then betrayed each other.

Course of Nature - World At War
Burn it up - the world's on fire
and all that's left are cheaters and liars.
What once was whole is now divided.
The strong are weak
and the world's out of control.

Will we find out in the end there’s no one left here to defend?

David Usher - Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful
Cherish the lies that you bought,
charming delusions gone crack in the fire.
I know we might be mediocre,
but I know nothing's on fire.

Everything's to the feel as the years go by.

Play the victim all you want - but you and me, we know the truth. Dad loved you best; more than Michael, more than me. Then he brought the new baby home and you couldn't handle it. So all of this is just a great big temper tantrum. Time to grow up.

Bruce Springsteen - Angel Eyes (acoustic, live version)
So drink up, all you people, order anything you see.
Drink up, all you happy people
'cause the drinks and the jokes are on me.

Now pardon me 'cause I've got to run -
you see the flags are uncommonly clear.
Excuse me while I disappear...

30 Seconds to Mars - Vox Populi
This is a call to arms, gather soldiers -
time to go to war.
This is a battle song, brothers and sisters.
Time to go to war!

Ever want to be free? Do you even remember?
Want to be God and Devil like me?
Ever want to just stop? Do you want to surrender?
Or fight for victory?

serafina20 on 24th June 2010 04:43 (UTC)
Downloading (and stealing pictures;). Thanks!
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 05:18 (UTC)
Hee enjoy!
radiophile on 24th June 2010 04:51 (UTC)
Awesome mix bb ♥ Will be downloading~ Ty :D <3
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 05:18 (UTC)
Thanks, babby~
(Deleted comment)
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 05:18 (UTC)
Thanks! :D
ihasstopwatch on 24th June 2010 05:19 (UTC)
I don't know any of these songs, but hey, it's Gabriel. Gotta at least give it a try. ^_^
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 05:21 (UTC)
I hope you like it!~
nbaeker on 24th June 2010 05:56 (UTC)

so my heart is broken all over again...

but it's beautiful and I'm snagging :)
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 06:56 (UTC)
aw ikr?! Here's to hoping he just tricked Lucifer and is actually drinking piña coladas out of coconuts on a beach somewhere~
(no subject) - nbaeker on 24th June 2010 07:11 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - getyourguns on 24th June 2010 07:20 (UTC) (Expand)
skygazing on 24th June 2010 06:00 (UTC)
from the sn_eighttrack comm...I'm not familiar with a lot of these, but I do ♥ Gabriel! Thanks for sharing!!
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 06:57 (UTC)
I hope you enjoy it!
aeon_entwined on 24th June 2010 06:09 (UTC)
Downloading like woah and probably yoinking most of the pictures too! They're gorgeous!
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 06:57 (UTC)
Thanks!! Enjoy :D
fireez on 24th June 2010 06:36 (UTC)
Downloading, as usual. Your fanmixes have introduced me to so much good music I'd never listened to otherwise, so, thanks!
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 06:59 (UTC)
Aw, I'm so glad! Thanks awesome~ If you have any requests or need recs, just let me know :D
kazoona on 24th June 2010 12:22 (UTC)
Am so grabbing...thanks for sharing!
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 20:37 (UTC)
trickery on 24th June 2010 12:30 (UTC)
Downloading, thank you! This looks fantastic. :D
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 20:37 (UTC)
Thanks! Enjoy!
wingsunfurled on 24th June 2010 12:41 (UTC)
OMG looking at this just made me cry. Downloading it even though it will break my heart all over again ;___;
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 20:37 (UTC)
I still can't watch the end of 5x19 without getting all teary. :(
apple_buzz on 24th June 2010 13:57 (UTC)
Downloading like wwhhhooooaaaa ... Haven't heard any of the songs before, but they look like they have promise! :P
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 20:38 (UTC)
Hope you like it! :D
1_rhiannon_1 on 24th June 2010 16:19 (UTC)
I don't know any of the songs but I'm downloading to give it a try! :D
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 20:38 (UTC)
(no subject) - 1_rhiannon_1 on 25th June 2010 00:17 (UTC) (Expand)
sansdatelimite on 24th June 2010 17:00 (UTC)
Alexi! :D

Stealing EVERYTHING, gonna be honest.
getyourguns on 24th June 2010 20:38 (UTC)

Haha well, enjoy!
(no subject) - sansdatelimite on 24th June 2010 23:42 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - getyourguns on 25th June 2010 00:46 (UTC) (Expand)
edgebot on 24th June 2010 21:30 (UTC)
Looks awesome, can't wait to listen!
getyourguns on 25th June 2010 00:46 (UTC)
Hope you enjoy!